+ What is Healthmates?

Healthmates is a personalized digitial health platform that adapts to your health need(s), budget, schedule, and personality.

+ What plaform is being released?

We are currently only releasing iOS but plan to release Andriod and Web in the following months.

+ What is digital therapeutics?

Digital therapeutics are a new category of apps that help treat diseases by modifying patient behavior and providing remote monitoring to improve long-term health outcomes. Healthmates combines this with human coaching/interaction resulting in a significant difference for health outcomes.

+ What is health coaching?

Health coaching is an individual or group of health professional who facilitates healthy, sustainable behavior change by challenging a client to transform their goals into action.

+ What are the three pillars of health?

We believe in combining the three pillars of health to provide optimal care: Nutrition, Fitness and Mental Health.

+ What is a health goal?

A health goal is a long term health objective that will result in a healthier and happier version of yourself. This goal is specific to you. Every task assigned on the platform should get you one step closer to acheiving your goal. If you have diffuclty assigning a health goal, you can consult your primary care doctor.

+ What professionals are listed on Healthmates?

Nutrition: Registered Dietitians (RD), Certified Nutritionists

Fitness: Certified Personal Trainers, Yoga Instructors

Mental Health: Psychologists (Psy.D/Ph.D), Psychotherapists, Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC)

+Who should use Healthmates?

Anyone willing to give themselves a second chance at bettering their health. We do not focus on a specific chronic condition, but instead work more on behavioral medicine related problem (e.g. obesity, type II diabetes, anxiety, depression, etc.). Our platform allows for you to select a team of providers, each certified and specialized in specific fields of health, to fit your specific needs.

+How much does Healthmates cost?

Healthmates is a free app. We give you the ability to build a support team, add tasks and manage your health. There are additional costs when hiring health providers by using the marketplace feature. This allows you to view multiple profiles under the three different categories of health and compare prices, hours available, specialities and more. The cost increases with the increase number of video time you select with a professional.

+How do I communicate with my health coach?

Health coaches are available in app only. You can contact them via our video and messaging features. We maintain all communication on the platform to maintain HIPPA compliant and provide security. In addition, professionals will add tasks through the habit list. How often you communicate with your health coach depends entirely on your personal needs and preferences.

+Is there a program or time committment?

While there is not a specific program and we do not have a time committment, we do follow general guidelines to help you achieve your health goal. In order for you to truly benefit from our platform, we have structred our payment on a monthly subscription. This allows you to allocate a budget to your video interactions with the health professionals. In addition, a month gives you enough time to start building healthy habits, learn how to shape your lifestyle and gain new skills and knowledge to better yourself.