Healthmates encourages behavior change

Our mobile app builds healthy lifestyles by connecting individuals to a personalized network of care.

We focus on weight loss, nutrition and mental wellness.

“Healthmates is taking a revolutionary path to fixing the flaws in the healthcare industry” - Vidisha Paranjpe, Certified Dietitian


“I think this platform is going to become the future of Telehealth”  - Maegan White, Certified Dietitian


"Healthmates sounds like it will be an awesome tool for nutritionists, physicians, and their clients” - Natalie Bickford, Certified Dietitian

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Build Healthy behaviors

Working towards any long term goal can be daunting. Create a personal action plan with our habit creation system to stay on track.

  • Create habits by personalizing triggers, actions, and rewards

  • Sync your daily playbook to your long term goals

  • Connect with licensed health providers to manage your progress

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tackle your problems from all angles

Browse our in-app marketplace and hire licensed health providers specializing in mental, physical, and nutritional behavior coaching.

  • Free introductory consultations with providers on Healthmates

  • Choose subscriptions that fit your budget, schedule, and health needs

  • Pay, chat with, and video call your hired providers all on a secure app


Create a digital support system

Professional guidance and daily action plans are important; but without a support system, overcoming a chronic condition can seem impossible. So we made this the central component of our app: invite your family, friends, and others struggling with chronic illnesses to your team and reach your health goal together.

  • Inviting a buddy is simple: they just need to create an account on Healthmates

  • Buddies can check on your daily progress, chat in-app, and video call securely

  • Maintain peace of mind with the knowledge that our app is protected by TrueVault



Health Professional Online Application

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